Russia blocks website ‘I want to live’, a portal that collects requests from Russian soldiers willing to surrender

Kyiv independent media outlet Information what Russian government bans access to ‘Hochu Zeit’ website (‘I want to live’, in Spanish) to Russian citizens.

that page More than 2,000 requests were received from the Russian military. To give up his positions and voluntarily surrender to the Ukrainian army.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry manages Hochu Zit since 19 SeptemberThus, in the face of numerous reports attesting to the dire Russian military conditions, Ukraine seeks to take advantage of its strong position to offer good surrender terms.

platform is Intend to attend the Geneva Conventions For the treatment of prisoners, it also provides legal aid, medical care and three daily meals to surrendered Russian soldiers if they request delivery through Hochu Zeit or its affiliated hotline.

Faced with this situation, the Roskomsvoboda Project (Russian non-governmental organization against censorship) reported last Sunday that access to the web was blocked under the authority of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia,

The Russian newspaper Kommersant indicates that the Roskomsvoboda project ” closed twice, The first was through masks, when access to all domains and subdomains was restricted; The other was only on the full web page.” Therefore, it means that Russian soldiers could not leave the war.

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