salma hayek and channing tatum are in hot scenes

Mexican actress Salma Hayek ruins the sexiness during the most recent trailer for the third installment of the film “Magic Mike”, Oscar nominated actress in hot scenes with her co-star Channing Tatum Where dance and passion are the main ingredients to raise the temperature.

Salma Hayek posted on his account instagram advance of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”tape that can be seen from the next February 10, 2023,

What is “Magic Mike 3” about?

the story shows Mike Lane (Tatum) is working as a bartender, but his life changes when he meets a character played by a Mexican actress. This opens the door to start a new business focused on dance and intricate musical numbers, with Mike as the new choreographer.,

The erotic dances are the starting point for a new and promising business, however, the first advance also left open the possibility of a love subplot, of which hayek y tatum,

Other scenes that have marked Salma Hayek’s career

Risky scenes in the third installment of “Magic Mike 3”Between Salma Hayek and Tatum, it’s not the first time the actress from Veracruz has done this. Throughout his career he had cinematographic moments that remained in the memory because of his sexuality.

In one of his first Hollywood films in 1995, Salma Hayek She left everyone speechless when she did a very sensuous dance in bikini with a huge python on her shoulders. The mythological scene is one of the most remembered scenes in the history of cinema.

Years later, in 1999, the Mexican actress starred in another very erotic dance scene, but has now changed her “terrible woman” image for a more schoolgirl one where Highlighting a boyish hairstyle, glasses and a mischievous attitude,

The hottest scenes of Salma’s career are not limited to striptease and were featured in the film “Frida” When she dances a sensual tango next to the character of painter Tina Modotti, she is watched by Diego Rivera, and at the end the two women melt into a kiss.

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