Salma Hayek turns the net with a clear neckline and transparent blouse

Salma Hayek once again showed why she’s an icon of fashion and style when she shared a series of photos that show she doesn’t age To show off a corset proudly and pair it with other clothes that make it sexier and very attractive at the age of 56, which earned the praise of thousands of fans who reacted to his publication

It was on her Instagram account where the Mexican actress shared postcards showing her from inside her room and specifically in the room which has been made as a closet. wearing a completely black dress made of a corset and a transparent blouse Which was special for his cleavage.

He also opted for flared pants and black glasses, showing that he continues to set trends by mixing his taste with his personality. With the clothing of her choice, Salma Hayek was able to show off her mini waist, and with the corset she highlighted her silhouette. Veracruz’s post succeeded And to date it has accumulated nearly 800,000 “likes” and hundreds of comments from its fans and other Hollywood celebrities.

Salma Hayek won the hearts of the people and added a dash of glamor

Salma Hayek became the best dressed. Photo: Instagram

Salma Hayek chose a mix of styles that was her own identity to attend the Balenciaga parade at Paris Fashion Week. was created a few weeks ago and in which Kanye West was in charge of opening the catwalk, The look the businessman and producer chose was total black with which she grabbed the attention of the press and wore a style faithful to her identity.

Veracruz women participate in Balenciaga parade. Photo: Instagram

Her outfit stood out precisely to match the trends influencing this fall of 2022, as it should be noted that The corset will be one of those pieces that will prevail among the tastes of celebrities during the following weeks. While it’s a risky piece, Salma Hayek has shown that it can be worn with style, protection, and looks attractive, energetic and sensual.

The actress ruined her style and beauty. Photo: Instagram

With this choice, the Mexican actress took this outfit to another level by pairing it with flared pants, apart from wearing a sheer blousewho also stands out as a Strong trend this season, Her style matched her clothes and gave a different touch to her style.

Hayek fell in love with his fans and followers on the network. Photo: Instagram

In this way, by unifying timeless clothing, Salma Hayek emerges as the best dressed by showing that she is a fan of the moves she loves to sport and enjoys mixing styles to implement them as a trend. Is. eventually, The actress decided to wear a coat below the knee as well as accessories Which represents the aesthetics of the fashion brand, a company that presented its spring-summer 2023 collection in Paris.

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