Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro: Wireless noise-canceling headphones for connecting to multiple devices at once

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are wireless headphones featuring their technology active noise cancellation, something that we had already seen in the previous models of the brand. However, unlike the first one, the new version has a tool called ‘auto switch’ Which allows you to connect them to multiple devices at the same time.

in device a. Is IPX7 certified water resistance, In other words, the Buds 2 Pro are splash, rain, snow, drizzle and sweat proof (very useful if you use them for sports). Similarly, it also resists small immersion, although it is advised to avoid it in case of accidental falls.

These new wireless headphones from Samsung, with great technical improvements that aim to enhance their design and sound quality, can be achieved for 239.90 euro (Though they’re now discounted on Amazon).

Buds 2 Pro design

The devices are available in three colors: Graphite (black/grey), borapurple (pastel lilac) and white. In addition, the technology brand ensures that More than 90% of its material is recycled,

Buds 2 Pro is available in 3 colours.
Buds 2 Pro is available in 3 colours.

Its developers sought to create a design that would stand out for being more ergonomic and reduced its size by 15% Compared to its predecessors, with dimensions of 19.9 × 21.6 × 18.7 mm and a weight of 5.5 g headphones and 50.1 × 50.2 × 27.7 mm and 43.4 g case.

In short, they worked so that the shape of this new generation suited the ear, without putting pressure on the ear canal for the user. However, after 20BITS test, we believe that Fit is not as accurate as promised And, at the base of the ear, care must be taken so that it does not fall out.

Buds 2 Pro’s audio quality

ANC (Noise Cancellation) technology is one of the topics that comes up most often when talking about Samsung wireless headphones and it is no less, as using the Buds 2 Pro users can enjoy their listening practically without hearing anything from outside,

Samsung has included 3 high signal-to-noise ratio microphones. Through this technology, the team of the brand has managed to Buds 2 Pro tracks and eliminates extraneous noiseEven the most imperceptible by other headphones like the Air.

However, if there is a conversation around, the technology detect voice Turn off ANC so you can hear what they say.

On the other hand, the Buds 2 Pro’s algorithms are 360 Audio with Direct Multichannel and Dolby Head Tracking, which detects the direction of sound based on the motion of the head. With these tools, the headset provides a fully immersive spatial experience.

The headphones have three microphones to make sure you pick up a wide range of tones.
The headphones have three microphones to make sure you pick up a wide range of tones.

Despite their light weight and size, the headphones have 2 way speaker resulting in a wider sound frequency, a subwoofer for lower vowels and one more triple for the tallest.

Buds 2 Pro autonomy

The battery of the earphones is 61 mAh per earphone, which is approx. translates into 5 hours with ANC active and almost 8 hours if it is turned off.

For its part, the case has 515 mAh which is about . Is equal to 18 hours of listening with noise cancellation and around 29 hours with feature disabled,

You need to download the 'Alexa' app to use them.

How to use Auto Switch?

Allows auto switch function mentioned above Users can connect their headphones to multiple devices at the same time, This causes the device to consume the battery more quickly than using a single device, but it is very efficient so that if you use a tablet, mobile, and computer at the same time you have to change the bluetooth connection. Doesn’t, for example.

Buds 2 Pro can be connected to different devices at the same time.
Buds 2 Pro can be connected to different devices at the same time.

With this technology, in the hypothetical case that they are watching a movie with the Buds 2 Pro and they make a call from the phone, they will pause the video so that the call can be answered.

find headphones with mobile

The Buds 2 Pro connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth, but it can be accessed through certain apps, such as . can also be configured with SmartThing Find, With it, users can trace their location in case they lose their headphones.

Using this app, if they walk away from the Buds 2 Pro, the phone will notify them that they are walking away and An alarm will sound. That way, the owners won’t inadvertently forget about them.

Score: 9.4

  • Best of all: Active noise cancellation and sound quality.
    Worst: The price doesn’t fit everyone’s pocket.

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