Samsung has developed a new app for self-repair of devices

Samsung Electronics is developing a ‘self repair assistant’ application So that users can fix the damage to their equipment themselves.

The company registered a trademark application Using the said name with an Android-style icon with a blue background and a white gear with a wrench inside, before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The platform is a counseling and information service and as Samsung said in the application, it is a “mobile phone computing application software” that will focus on self-installation, self-repair and self-maintenance of smart watchTablet, Mobile and Headphone.

Self Repair Assistant will allow users Get information on repairing your Samsung devices through guides and other data (for example, parts information).

At the moment, SamMobile reports that the registration is yet to be confirmed and It is not guaranteed that it will definitely be released.,

Samsung, on the other hand, launched a repair program over the summer for owners of Galaxy devices such as mobile phones and tablets. In this they partnered with the repair community online iFixit, as well, gives users access to original equipment parts and repair tools.

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