Samsung imitates Apple: Company will give parts to users to fix mobile phones sitting at home

In November of last year, Apple announced that users could do their own repairs thanks to tools and parts provided by the company to carry out self-services.

Samsung, its great rival, has also announced in a press release a measure that could reduce repair costs. like an apple, Users will be able to repair their devices with 100% original parts Without going to a specialized technical service.

Thank you for cooperating with iFisit, Samsung provides replacement parts such as the display panel, charging port, and rear glass., In the press release they indicate that customers will have access to an “intuitive, visual and step-by-step repair guide”.

At present the company has indicated Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 series can be repaired, adding that support for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablet will be coming shortly. Responsible recycling, on the other hand, requires that used parts be returned.

Some of the latest models of the company may be affected if there is no update.

Samsung indicates This program only starts in the United StatesAdding that it will not be a mandatory service for the customers as they will offer normal repairs.

in future, Want to expand Automatic Repair to more devicesAlthough he has not indicated the exact model.

Ramon Gregory (Senior Vice President of Customer Service at Samsung Electronics America) explains in the press release that “At Samsung, we are creating more ways for consumers to extend the useful life of our products with premium care experiences. The availability of auto repairs will provide our consumers with convenience and more options for sustainable solutions.

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