Sandra Echevarría on the separation from Leonardo de Lozen: “We are going through very difficult times”

Sandra Echeverría / Mexico Agency

Sandra Echevarría has decided to put an end to the speculations that have arisen about her separation from Leonardo de Lozan, the father of her son Andres.

even if heThe ex-partner has been very evasive about the reason for their emotional breakup, Sandra confessed during her most recent interview with the media that despite everything, Leo and she are still in love.

“The reality is I’m trying to keep it very much to us, because it’s a very personal matter, we’re going through very complicated, very difficult times, but well, we have to move forward, above all For myself, for the son and also because there is a lot of love in the relationship.

Sandra Echevarria and Leonardo de Lozen / Agency Mexico

Sandra Echeverría and Leonardo de Lozane / Agency Mexico

In the same way, Echevarría highlighted his desire to maintain cordial relations with the vocalist of the group Phobia, for the sake of the son they have in common.

“It is not at all about attacking each other, on the contrary, we also thank all of you (press) who have given us a lot of respect. I grew up with divorced parents who are very nice and I would like my son to grow up like that.she expressed.

As to what happened between them to decide to separate, the interpreter commented: “I think when you understand that the relationship has moved to another place, maybe when you are sober, you are with the other person. Get well”.

Lastly, the artiste took the opportunity to send out a loud message to the media which revealed the alleged versions that led to her separation from the actor.

,They are willing to invent stories to find the yellow note, there is no story here yes… the truth is there is love, very beautiful story, relationship has been good, there is no hatred between us, we have nothing, on the contrary, we love each other, we are one -love each other and we are just making a decision for the good of all ”, stressed.

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