Sasha Sokol Put Yordi Rosado In His Place: “You Didn’t Lack Experience, You Lacked Empathy”

Sasha Sokol at the National Auditorium in Mexico in 2017. (Photo by Victor Chavez / WireImage)

The controversy between singer and actress Sasha Sokol and driver Yordi Rosado began after the latter interviewed producer Luis del Llano and discussed the abusive relationship that del Llano had with his ex Timbiriche. In fact, that conversation prompted Sokol to take legal action against her producer and artistic representative.

Now, in a conversation with Adela Mica, Rosado said she lacked experience when she interviewed producers.

On that occasion, del Llano explained that he had indeed had an affair with Sokol, but downplayed the issue of abuse. “Yes, I had an affair with Sasha. I fell in love and he sent me to hell (…) I admit it, we lived a lot together and I loved him very much and one day he told me Let that do nothing and we’re still working 10 more years together,” he declared.

And that was not all. Del Llano also ventured to find the motivations behind Sokol’s feelings. “What were all the girls looking for? A father figure. I think it’s right there.” [lo de Sokol]said the producer.

Sokol felt deeply indignant by her former representative’s statements and decided to tell her the truth: “She abused me then and abuses me today by twisting the truth. Wants to downplay it to absolve her of responsibility for the facts.” is,” she wrote on Twitter. ,

“Ever since I was 14, I wanted to believe that I was responsible for what happened. Today I understand that my only responsibility was to remain silent. Till then it will continue to be so.” Be a man like Luis de Llano,” he said.

Following Rosado’s recent statements about his behavior in the interview with Del Llano, Sasha has a strong message for him. In a Twitter thread, the singer accused him of putting the interests of his show’s audience first over the feelings of those affected by a sexual assault case.

“You didn’t lack experience, you lacked empathy,” Sokol told Rosado directly. He also took the opportunity to tell her that he understands the point of non-intervention that may be in his interviewers’ answers, but how he reacts to that and the turn that he allows the conversation to take. He clarified, “Of course, you are not to blame for what your guests say, but you are responsible for your reaction to what you hear.”

One of the things that angered Sokol the most was the precedent that happened to Del Llano at the Rosado show.

“What would a potential abuser think watching your interview on March 6? And above all, what would other victims of abuse think? They would think that impunity wins, because a man in this country can sit through a successful program, Could talk like this if there’s nothing about an extramarital affair and the interviewer replies “Ah, they only dated for six months? And were they very much in love?”, published Sasha.

And she sentenced: “When you asked those questions, you thought about what your program’s ratings would be. You didn’t think about me. Neither I was 14, nor today. You have empathy or you have No. You didn’t have.”

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