Save yourself from the cold by buying a radiator now: the best and cheapest models

Goodbye to shorts, dresses and short-sleeved shirts, autumn has arrived in Spain with a sudden drop in temperatures in some cities.

Thousands of users would have gathered their fans in the storage room, but with the appearance of cold, many of them would already be thinking about buying a radiator.

If you don’t know which appliance to buy, at 20bit we offer you a list of five home appliances that can be customized to suit your needs.

1) Orbegozo RF 1500

Orbegozo a. Provides an oil radiator with Power of 1,500 W. This device has one overheat protection systemIts safety ensures the operation of the thermofuse device and there is an adjustable thermostat to select the appropriate temperature.

Click on this link to have it in your home 58,90 euro,

Orbegozo RF 1500
Orbegozo RF 1500

2) Cecotec Ready Warm 5600

This radiator has a . Is 1,500W power and seven modules to distribute heat, it has multifunctional wheels that facilitate its transportation, Turns off when excess heat is detectedIt protects itself from overheating, includes an adjustable thermostat to optimize energy consumption and can heat a room of up to 15 square meters.

You can buy it on this link 64,90 euro,

Cecotec Ready Warm 5600
Cecotec Ready Warm 5600

Electricity prices remain at record highs.

3) Mailware Comfy!

This tool is available in three sizes, There are several level settings (600 W, 1,200 W and 2,000 W)It has an open window mode to switch off when a sudden change in temperature is detected, can be installed on the floor or on the wall, has an anti-tilt system and a overheat protectionIs programmable and efficiently heats a room of 20 square meters.

Click on this link to buy it 156,99 euro,

Mailware Comfortable!
Mailware Comfortable!

4) Lodell RA10

The LODEL RA10 heats rooms of over 15 square meters in seconds, programmed with digital chronothermostat automatically or manually, weighs eight kg, is transportable for its two floor supports and has a 1,500W power,

If you are interested in it, please click this link to buy it 190 euro,

Lodell RA10
Lodell RA10
electric towel rails

Unplugging electronic devices when you're not using them can help save you money.

5) Klarstein Air Art

This radiator does not go unnoticed due to its design, in addition, its infrared panels take up very little space. The device can be controlled through Application, Works with Wi-FiUses energy efficient heat, CO₂. to emitAnd there’s IP4 protection against dust and water.

you can buy it for 219.99 Euro In this episode.

klarstein airart
klarstein airart

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