Scams are on the rise in online sale of tickets and tickets: Measures to avoid getting ripped off

Cybercriminals take advantage of resale of tickets for concerts and festivals to dupe users. ESET (cyber security company) said in a statement sent to the media that “the prevalence of scams has increased by more than a fifth year-on-year.”

Problem increased due to electronic ticket, hence criminals They can sell the same ticket multiple times Without a doubt on different platforms.

Josep Albers (director of research and awareness of ESET Spain) explains that “not only can someone copy the barcode and go to the event with a printed copy, or a picture on their phone, but the victims will only realize that they have been scammed when they arrive at the venue and if they are not the first to enter, the entrance will not function”.

ways to avoid scams

ESET recommends Never take a picture of them or post them on the Internet as proof of its existence. The problem with selling tickets in secondary markets lies in the awareness of the seller as well as the buyer, so they must use a secure ticket market.

Other tips include Search for information about the seller, avoid the markets online second hand And pay attention to all terms of service, shipping and return policies.

Cybercriminals resort to romance scams to persuade users to invest in fake cryptocurrencies.

Are there any techniques to prevent fraud?

Barcodes and QR codes may become invisible in the future, due to the fact that they are currently damaged and lose functionality. In the long term, they can be printed with ultraviolet ink. And placed in the whole container, this way, they will be more protected, they will be proofed immediately and they will have more protection.

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