Scooters with eyes in Madrid: this technology prevents you from driving on the pavement

Announces first deployment of Voi (Micromobility Operator) computer vision on his scooter in Madrid in partnership with Drvr AI and its innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) product PathPilot.

After testing computer vision on scooters in Northampton (United Kingdom), Voi launched its fleet in thirteen European cities. especially, Drover AI uses machine learning and computer vision To accurately identify whether the scooter is on a sidewalk, road, or bike path; in this way, avoids traffic on the sidewalk,

will enhance the capabilities of PathPilot geofencingGenerating accurate results at a level that existing GPS-based solutions cannot provide.

The underlying technology is similar to sensors used in autonomous vehicles, although it can also be linked directly to a scooter’s engine reduce vehicle speed When entering prohibited areas.

On the other hand, PathPilot has the capability Find out if the scooter is parked properly, Using cameras as sensors, the technology could help Voi and Madrid City Council control how and where scooters are parked.

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The innovation was approved by the European Health and Safety Authority, so it doesn’t require the availability of any GPS data to work (allowing for unprecedented location awareness).

In partnership with Drover, Voi will set a record to know where and how scooters are driven in Madrid, Meanwhile, PathPilot will automatically provide information on fleet usage and share that data with Madrid City Council to improve the Voi service.

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