Sebastian Ligarde breaks down in tears as confirming a terrifying diagnosis: “You have to be strong”

Sebastian Ligarde He was one of the most famous actors of the 80s by giving life to ‘Memo’, the villain who made Adela Noriega’s life impossible, in the telenovela ‘Quincenaera’, however, a few days ago it was reported that he was suffering from serious health. doing problems caught the attention of his followers.

It was Ines Moreno who revealed that while trying to communicate with the Mexican actor, in order to arrange an interview, he revealed that at the moment he was focusing on solving some health problems, as he had to deal with his colon. A tumor was found in

After several hours of rumors and speculation, the villain of “Salome” offered an interview for the program “First Hand”, where he confirmed the terrible diagnosis.

Sebastian Ligard explains his diagnosis in ‘First Hand’.

The actor said that four months ago he went for a routine review without experiencing previous symptoms, so the news took him by surprise.

“From the age of 60, all human beings should be very careful with what they do with their bodies… I had a routine colonoscopy, without any symptoms, without anything, I didn’t have to do it. He was 10 years old and it turns out he found two tumours, one 10 millimeters and the other 30 millimeters.”

The soap opera villain revealed that his doctor explained that he was able to remove the smallest tumor, however, the second one was attached to tissue, so he would have to consult other specialists.

“We spent four months with different endoscopists, different specialists, looking at what exactly the procedure was going to be to remove this mass, the other 10 millimeters, it was removed at the time… I understand That it is benign, but reports do not agree one says one thing and another says another.”

Sebastian Ligarde has been retired from acting for more than seven years.

However he tried, the actor couldn’t hold back his tears when talking about what he had to live through these four months, he assured that a great lesson has been learned behind it, and that is about the trivial. There’s no reason to complain about things.

“What we often see as misfortunes are all blessings, because we don’t know if we have tomorrow, all the things that used to hurt, worry or hurt me, now I know they mean I’m alive Am… this disease is part of life, we should not blind ourselves, be strong, face it and be positive,” she said through tears.

Sebastian Ligarde She copes with the process with her son, who has given her the strength to continue, and her husband, who assures that she has suffered even more with the diagnosis, however, the three of them each other. are supporting.

What is Sebastian Ligarde’s greatest wish?

Among the things that encourage the actor to move forward is his desire to return to Mexico and be able to teach acting classes, as he confirms that if he is sure of something, he is already an actor. as retired.

“I’ve been so happy for 20 years to be an acting teacher, that’s what satisfies me the most in life, I don’t want to worry about whether I can remember or not, I like to teach, classes I like to give, I love acting, but that’s already I wanted to dedicate myself to teaching. I want to teach in Mexico, my spine is stuck that I can’t my Mexico as a teacher I am able to go, hopefully and that life grants me to be able to go back home to my Mexico,” she confessed.

Sebastian Ligarde He ended the interview by remarking that he is focused on following his doctors’ recommendations, as he hopes that by November, at the latest, they will let him know if he will enter surgery to remove the tumor. . At present, he says that he has to bear the weight loss due to anxiety, which he is facing with the help of a psychiatrist.

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