Sebastian Rulli almost caused Angelique Boyer to never see the light of day again

Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli

Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli are one of the cutest couples ever; They met on the soap opera Teresa, then starred together in other storylines such as What Life Stole From Me.

And it was precisely in this telenovela when Sebastian Rulli put Angelique Boyer’s life in danger, it turns out they were filming a scene of a fire, and he had to rescue her, so he took her in his arms, but Everything went wrong.

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While they were filming a fire scene, smoke covered his vision and he unexpectedly tripped on a rug on the set, causing him to fall with the actress in his arms, slamming him hard against the wall. .

Sebastian and Angelique were saved by the production team

Fortunately both actors were saved from danger, and the scene was re-shot more carefully, leaving it for posterity within the soap opera and as an anecdote for the two actors who are still together.

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