Sebastian Rulli Cried Again And It Wasn’t For Angelique Boyer

Sebastian Rulli

There is one woman that Sebastian Rulli will not be able to overcome, nor will the presence of Angelique Boyer be able to overcome all the pain he caused her, even if she has been in a relationship with her partner for seven years, all that Nothing can erase what happened to Ruby, a soap opera that brought her fame and the status she enjoys in soap opera history.

Ruby was introduced in 2004 and starred Barbara Mori in this production, Sebastian Rulli cried in almost every episode, something that Angelique Boyer in Teresa did not achieve and, perhaps, but for television soap operas Not with the intensity and wonder of this first adaptation. Mexican film of the 70s.

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In the storyline, Sebastian was won over by Ruby, who practically stole him from her best friend, and they eloped with his girlfriend and Ruby’s best friend on their wedding day. But it wasn’t all tears, the novel was so successful that it catapulted his career, which is why it’s easy to think that Sebastian Rulli would never be able to surpass Ruby in terms of his tremendous success.

actor’s eternal love

The novel completes this 2022, 18 years since it first appeared in Mexican homes. And I project actors to other countries where they are also ambassadors of Mexican culture, which is why the love and pain that Ruby brought to Sebastian Rulli will never be forgotten by the actor.

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