Sebastian Rulli in love boasts of a great body of his girlfriend Angelique Bauer in bikini

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Angelique Boyer You Sebastian Rully They are more than in love after eight years together. They show off every now and then and especially on social networks they constantly publish pictures of their moments together.

The actor is totally in love and showed a picture of his beautiful girlfriend in a yellow bikini Enjoying the sun during the holidays. The French woman is already known as one of the most beautiful celebrities and a photo published by her boyfriend soon went viral and received thousands of comments praising Sebastian Roulley’s work and flattering the blonde’s figure .

“My view today…the most beautiful”, was the text with the image of Angelique Bauer wearing dark glasses, a yellow swimsuit and looking to his left. The actress shared the picture by adding a gif wishing her 14 million followers a great weekend.

The couple seems to be celebrating eight years together as just a few weeks ago they published a video with pictures of them enjoying their love. “My love life!! 8 years, thanks for so much love every day we form this relationship, loving makes me happy, you fill me all the way. For being my great love, for my participation Thank you for, my family, my friend, my best partner. May life give us health to share many adventures together, I love you deeply and so beautifully, I want to write many things, share it with you Share with us those who have been part of the most important moments in our lives. Thank you for making us more special with his love for us. We feel so lucky and grateful, we are going to multiply these years”, It was this text that Angelique Boyer wrote for her lover.

They are an admirable couple, super committed and very in love who never stop showering compliments and loving comments on each other whenever possible. They will surely continue to grow their love and we will see them together for eternity.

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