Selena Gomez confirms she can’t have children because of her disorder

Selena Gomez, Who is known to be a singer as well as a famous actress, recently confirmed that she cannot have children if she wants to conceive naturally.

The singer is battling a silent mental illness, but one that affects many people she had previously found April 2020 that the actress suffered bipolar disorder and that’s why they were constantly seen in Hospital McLeanConsidered one of the best hospitals for mental problems America.

really helped confirm his diagnosis selena Understand more why he had the disorder and what he needs to do to treat it, so with some of the tools he uses today he is able to live his life much better.

However, because of his diagnosis and various treatments, including the medications he must take daily, will not be able to have children The way she wanted, because they are very risky drugs and if she wants to get pregnant at any time, her disorder may escalate, causing serious harm to her and her baby’s health.

This was his statement: «That something is huge, very present in my life. However, I have destined for them, I will. My psychiatrist really guided me. But I had to essentially detox from the drugs I was taking. I had to learn to remember some words. I forgot where I was while we were talking. I had a hard time accepting that I was bipolar, but learning to deal with it because it wasn’t going away.,

selena She believes that she will want to have children because she wants the privilege of having a baby, but she will do so using a uterus different from her own, something that is very fashionable today.

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