Technology admins acquitted after 7 years: Providing links to copyrighted material was legal in 2014 It was a website for a long time that provided free series and movies with copyright to internet users. This activity was illegal and so the page’s admins were arrested seven years ago. According to David Bravo, a lawyer specializing in computer law, intellectual property, freedom of expression and the right to respect, he communicated on Twitter a few days ago that what was classified as a “criminal organization”. They have been acquitted.

Officials argued that the arrest was due to the fact that administrators managed a page in which Links to download and reproduce the material were hosted by copyright. However, it was a crime till 2015 and the activities of took place before the enactment of the law.

“Facts declared proven do not legally constitute an intellectual property offence,” the sentence reads. Prior to the 2015 regulations, reproduction, plagiarism, distribution or public communication of copyrighted works was illegal, But not feature links that redirect them.

Although with the tightening of the law, Kiss did not follow the rules, they modified the approach of the website before it came into force. “The defendants, in view of the planned legislative reforms, They decided to eliminate links that were suspected of intellectual property infringement. In December 2014,” the judge in the case asserted.

This free and open service was widely used in the 2000s to download movies and series.

David Bravo, the series’ administrators in charge of defense, explains that his clients always acknowledged the change in rules: “Police confiscated all emails that were exchanged between the accused and the accused. Lawyers. In internal It was said in the email that They will at all times conform to what is said by law, no matter how regressive it may seemas they eventually did by removing the link with the enactment of the new intellectual property law”.

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