Shakira and Gerard Pique: Singer’s former mother-in-law tells her that Clara Chia is “educated and affectionate”

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since Shakira You Gerard Piqué confirmed them Separation They are rarely seen together and these meetings have happened because of their children, Sasha and Milan.

But everything indicates that, thanks to the well-being of the little ones, Shakira maintains a good relationship with him. former in-laws, But it looks like the deal is a little complicated now, as Gerard Pique’s parents accept her new relationship with the 23-year-old, but it will mean Preferential treatment for Clara Chia Marti.

According to Paparazzi Jordi Martin, The businessman has to bear that his former mother-in-law, Montserrat Bernabeurub on her face that clara is chia marty “Humble and affectionate”.

This was for the strange scene during their kids’ baseball game, where Shakira was with her mother, Nidia del Carmen Ripoll. Meanwhile, his former partner Gerard Piqué has parted ways with his mother. In such a situation, everyone gets the support of their family.

Although the panorama is tense, Shakira shows her most humble side and went to greet her former mother-in-law; Obviously, he was scared because he didn’t know how the player’s mother would react, but to his surprise, the woman reciprocated and they had a brief conversation.

But at one point the Montserrat Bernabeu spoke to Shakira about Clara Chia Marti, who Appreciation saying that it is”affectionate and courteousFor the Spanish press, this can be taken in two ways: to leave the business woman alone, to convince her that she is a good person, regardless of how her relationship with Gerard Piqué went, or rubbing offbecause it would be a comparison,

children’s welfare

Jordi insisted that Shakira tried to be polite and cordial at all times in addition to taking care of relations with her. exsuegros so that their children do not lose contact with them, otherwise This would be another blow to his life.

He also recalled that Shakira’s former mother-in-law was indifferent to her son’s new relationship, that is, she did not attach importance to what this meant for her almost 12-year relationship with the Colombian.

Let us tell you that Shakira was very much in love with her former in-laws, because she also lived in their house for some time. Moreover, family is the most important thing for her and that is why she insists on her relationship with her children, so that it also encourages her to have good relationships.

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