Shakira and PK would have argued over the song Monotonia and he would have followed her in his car

  • Pic will claim Shakira to sing her new song when he comes to her house.
  • After the discussion, Pique would have left the house he had previously shared with the Colombian angry.
  • Because of this, Shakira may have followed him in her car, but the journalist who saw them lost them on the road and did not know their destination.

since Shakira released his new song ‘monotony’ where they threw the signs bickering And because of their separation, the footballer’s reaction was known as some paparazzi in Spain who managed to catch him outside Shakira’s house and other places where they did not hesitate to ask him about it, Although Shakira’s ex has kept silence on this issue. in front of the press.

In addition, Shakira’s father was hospitalized a few days later and the singer may have reportedly received support from Pique as she has been held outside her Colombian home on several occasions.

On one of those occasions, PK waited to attend, although he was left waiting because Shakira did not allow him entry. It was reported at the time that the singer was captured in her car just minutes later.

now found out Argument between Shakira and PK Well, he must have claimed for his song ‘Monotonia’This was announced by the Spanish journalist Marc Lerado, who remarked that he was able to know thanks to the fact that he was outside the Colombian’s house and saw everything.

The journalist was waiting to inquire about Shakira’s song, however, when he saw PK arriving at the address, he was shocked, “A car stopped at Shakira’s door and I didn’t know it was Pike’s. So, I stayed there for some time, ”said the journalist in an American TV program.

The journalist commented that Peak got upset and left the house. That he shared with Shakira and drove into his car, so the journalist opted to contact Shakira to ask about her song, however, Picky did not answer her and got into the car.

This is how Shakira was imprisoned leaving the house on the day of the premiere of “Monotoni”, supposedly everything happened that day:

Moments later, the journalist noticed that Shakira chases Pike in her car“The door to Shakira’s garage opens, Shakira came out with her car from the same street from where PK had left. he went after gerard hamready“, He mentioned.

In a Spanish portal, Mark Lerado reported that After seeing Shakira leaving PK behind, he starts following them. but he lost them on the way, and added, “I think they went somewhere together and I don’t know where”,

It must have happened on the same day that PK couldn’t enter Shakira’s house, but once he returned from the awkward moment he starred in, it could be because of the fight they had hours earlier.

“What a coincidence that one day as he appears there today, comes and stands at the door for 10 minutes and they haven’t opened it”, said paparazzi Jordi Martin at the time.

Pique would have claimed Shakira for monotonia and he argued

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