Shakira can reveal the real reason for ending her marriage with PK in her new song ‘Monotonia’

Shakira can reveal the real reason behind the end of her marriage to Pique in her new song ‘Monotonia’ (Photo: Instagram/@shakira/@3gerardpique)

The end of one of the most popular and apparently solid relationships in the worlds of entertainment and international sports is shocking the world, as Shakira You Gerard bickering They finally announced their separation after 12 years of relationship and to two kids together, Although both have already made more than one statement and version about what is happening in their personal lives, one new track it could be real answer questions,

After a series of mysterious messages on her social network, the popular Hispanic singer has made the official the name and release date of her new single and a possible new musical era, which will be named. monotonyCollaboration with famous reggaeton players ozunaWhich will be available on all digital streaming platforms next october 19,

The relevance of this musical single is due to the fact that it will be the first piece that he publishes after the confirmation of his divorce, apart from the progress he has made, it is in question. lyricalhas shown that it will your version of eventsFar more personal than any other interview or statement she has already given, because if the Colombian artist portrayed herself in anything, it is writing her music, inspired by her daily life and personal life.

The song will premiere on October 19 (Photo: Instagram)
The song will premiere on October 19 (Photo: Instagram)

The first message sent by Barranquillera to his official account instagram In which he has over 76.3 million followers, he said: “It was not your fault…”, in typewriter font. This publication received over 800,000 likes. After which day he added “neither mine…” and ended with “it was a mistake of monotony,

This caused a great wave of emotion among his most loyal followers, but also raised high hopes by the general public, because despite the fact that it was already known—from a series of leaked photos—that he would release new music. Karega’s progress songs are more than candid and inspiring for her ex-husband, Picky.

queen of the latin popeAs her name goes, she has already spoken openly about the emotional breakdown of her marriage, even being emotional for her two young children by the Spanish press, legally what’s happening to her. , he is besieged to receive more heartbreaking testimony about it, Milan You Sasha — and professionally, though the new song may change the trend on everything known about the end of said marriage.

Shakira gives new clues about her new musical creation and what it will be a dedication to Pike.  Instagram @shakira.  retrieved from
Shakira gives new clues about her new musical creation and what it will be a dedication to Pike. Instagram @shakira. retrieved from

For those who may have doubts about whether the artist translates his personal life into his professional life, the urban pop song is a confirmatory sample. Included in their ninth studio album, golden ,2017), and was released on 7 April as the second single from said album -by ace entertainment You sony music latin– was the song Shakira. written by and ryato was more Dedicated to Pique,

This is not an assumption as the subject was love, as the singer did not hesitate to make it more clear in the official video clip where, with a set of cameras, she is seen enjoying various more romantic activities while being recorded by her. has been shown. as expected, Pique made his cameo To close the moment, kissed the artist and confirmed that everything was inspired by him.

The song was published in 2017 (Photo: Captured Youtube / Shakira)
The song was published in 2017 (Photo: Captured Youtube / Shakira)

Now, the story may repeat itself, but with a completely opposite theme, as it is known that the artist hasn’t spent recent weeks on it, even calling the situation the “darkest” of his life. Moments” when the player already has a new girlfriend.

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