Shakira humiliates Pique and thus gets her best revenge

famous colombian singer shakira He may have taken revenge on his former partner, the former Spanish footballer Gerard Pique, After she declines one of his requests, which he very much hoped would give her a “yes”. However, the interpreter has been brutal and has shown no remorse.

mid break shakira why Gerard Piqué This brought with it a huge media sensation for both the parties. And it is that just after their separation was made official, a great series of infidelities began to emerge that the former footballer barcelona fc He must have committed when he was a partner of the Colombian.

All these revelations earned him huge disapproval in the worldwide networks and in various media, who condemned the Spaniard for being “overbearing”.

The truth is that both Shakira and Piqué had to sit down and talk several times to decide what the future would be for their two children; sasha why Milan. Finally, it will be the interpreter of ‘Waka Waka’ who lives with the little ones, so he has decided to go Miami, United States, And she has taken advantage of the moment to decline a request that the former football player made to her but she declined it with a resounding no.

Various reporters and journalists reported that the woman from Barranquilla, amid the impact caused by this love break, took a radical attitude towards the athlete and denied him a special request, which estrangement I was expecting to hear yes.

Journalist on the Spanish channel Telecinco Anthony Rossi, made several statements in Ana Rosa’s program, about the complex relationships that will still exist shakira why estrangement, In the middle of all your legal process with your kids.

As revealed by the journalist. Gerard He would be very “angry” with the Colombian star, as she did not want to give in to his request regarding their children and travel. Miami. Shakira was completely locked to what was written in the document and had no flexibility with tour dates, as Piqué was asking her to delay her tour until at least February.

However, the Colombian has answered emphatically with “no”, as she wants both children to start school activities in the United States on the first day after the Christmas holidays.

“She wants to be established Miami, United States, on 10 January, but Piqué wanted him to be more flexible in these last days in Spain. estrangement I thought she was going to be a little more tolerant, but she’s adjusting to what was signed in the divorce,” he said.

And you, do you agree with the position he has taken? shakira around the request of estrangement,

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