Shakira is furious about Gerard Pique’s lies; they deny that there is a reconciliation

Much has been said about a potential reconciliation in the middle Shakira You Gerard Piqué, after it spread that the football player was interested in knowing the condition of the Colombian’s father and that his mother also confirmed going to the hospital where William Mebarak is hospitalized. However, these rumors may have put angry to Barranquillara because it confirms that they are pure liesBecause the Barcelona defender was never interested in the health of his former father-in-law and now the international media refuse Some sort of compromise between the two.

a few weeks ago they caught Shakira Entering and leaving the Technón clinic in Barcelona, ​​a situation that alarmed both the media and its followers, as it was rumored that the Colombian was having a bad time physically. Despite several theories in this regard, it was reported a few days later that the father of the interpreter of ‘Monotonia’ had been hospitalized due to his declining health.

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