Shakira Officially Premieres Her Single ‘Monotonia’, a Song for Broken Hearts

Shakira premiered the single “Monotonia” on October 19, a musical piece with which her followers hope she will come back to stomach after splitting from Gerard Pique. youtube screenshot

This isn’t the first time Shakira sings for him without protest and it is that, on occasion, Colombians cling to their deepest feelings amid a breakup with Gerard Peeke in order to deliver a piece of material that would appeal to his followers. Was eagerly waiting. subject like Flies in the House, No, Anthology, If You Go You Congratulations.

without a doubt, monotony has become one of the most anticipated subjects of Colombia, which has faced various procedures in recent months, Like the fight for custody of their children Milan and Sasha, which did not go well, as they would have to wait two years to be able to leave Spain, and the mess with the Spanish Treasury, for alleged tax fraud of over 14 million euros.

The wait is over and today, October 19, his followers officially got to know the video clip of the song. monotony, A theme with which, as indicated on the social network, he sends a signal to Gerard Pique and in which he tells a story about the alleged infidelity of someone who was his partner for more than 12 years in recent months. What happened after knowing about

It is worth mentioning that the video was co-directed by Colombians and who have participated in their latest musical productions, James of the Iguana. As seen for a few weeks, the clip was shot in Manresa, a Spanish city belonging to the province of Barcelona, ​​an autonomous community in Catalonia.

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At that time, followers of the artist crowded the outskirts of this municipality’s local market, after learning that the singer would be recording in Ozuna’s company. There, they yelled at her not to leave Spain and be with their kids, so few details of the outfit Barranquillera was wearing were known in the clip.

The clip begins with Shakira inside a supermarket as it happened to her intimidation which I record with Maluma, select some breakfast and in the background it sounds Congratulations. With her eyes full of tears, she begins to pronounce the first lyrics of the song and when she looks up, in front of her is a man who throws a bazooka shot at her heart.

Although he is mortally wounded with a hole in his chest, his heart blown and falls to the floor, the curious thing about the condition is that it continues to beat outside his body while someone steps on him. And from there the artist’s journey begins to reach a kind of vault where she will keep.

Shakira managed to garner thousands of people around the premiere of her video and in less than an hour the day of its premiere, it garnered nearly 52,000 views on YouTube. In addition, different platforms streaming Like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, among others, released singles simultaneously.

Barranquillera also made his followers dance to the beat of the bachata, which says one of his phrases:

“You’re doing your job and I’m doing the same thing… we were involved in selfishness… we forgot what we once were and the worst part is… it’s not your or my fault It was… it was a mistake of monotony… I never said anything, but it hurt me… I knew it would happen.”

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