Shakira started a strong fight between Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti in full flight for this unpublished reason

In recent weeks, a rumor has circulated about a possible break between Gerard Piqué why Clara Chia MarchYou, after signing a separation agreement with the former soccer player shakira And, it seems that the businessman does not agree with some of the behavior that the Spanish woman has done to him. However, this is not the only evidence that would prove this, as there is talk that the Colombian stretched out One strong fight among new couples in full flight anniversary for unknown reason,

relationship between Gerard Piqué why Clara Chia Marti This has given a lot to talk about in recent times and there have been many rumors that confirm a possible separation between the two, but there are others that deny them, which is why there is confusion about their romance. has been born It has been hinted that they are traveling for their anniversary, it is believed shakira were present at bind it One strong fight among the new couple, for one unknown reason.

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