Shakira takes her children with her when she leaves Barcelona and Pique; will live in miami

Shakira and her legal team are “satisfied” to have reached an agreement with Pique on the issue of the children and their residence.

colombian singer Shakira and his two sons, Milan You Sashathey will stop living in barcelona and they will do it in Miami (USA) From 2023, according to the agreement between the artist and the Spanish footballer Gerard PiquéChildren’s father

“We have signed an agreement that guarantees the well-being of our children and which will only be approved in court as part of a formal process,” EFE’s joint statement said on Tuesday.

“Our sole objective is to provide (children) with the greatest possible safety and security, and we believe their privacy will be respected,” according to what they demand in the note.

The statement, signed by the Colombian singer and former football player and businessman, concludes, “We appreciate the interest shown and we hope that the children can continue their lives in a safe and quiet environment with the necessary privacy.”

As EFE learned from sources close to the singer, Shakira and are “satisfied” with reaching an agreement with their legal team bickering On this issue of children and their housing.

Therefore, the agreement prioritized the “well-being of the children” and the fact that the city of Miami could also facilitate the singer’s artistic career, according to the same sources.

The artist has lived in Miami for years And this is where his maternal uncle’s family is also living for the last few years.

The above source from the environment of Shakira He specified that the children would move miami After Christmas with their mother and they will leave for Barcelona, ​​the city where they were born, where they have lived for the past eight years and where they go to school.

The settlement was reached after months of negotiations between the legal teams of Shakira You bickering Their separation was announced this spring, and the last meeting between the two sides lasted about twelve hours.

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