Shakira: The photo that sparked even more “hatred” of Clara Chia for Gerard Pique’s ex-partner

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ShakiraFrom the month of June it is in sight of a storm after confirmation through a releases press release that they were officially separating Gerard Piquéwho is currently dating Clara Chia Marty.

,We regret to confirm that we are separating, For the well being of our children, who are our top priority, we want you to respect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding,” he said at the time.

after this announcement Gerard Piqué And his new girlfriend has been photographed on different occasions, but it seems the 23-year-old is not having a good time, as compared to Shakira Again and again, but not only that, it seems that the singer’s disapproval has been on the rise ever since she’s still She maintains contact with her parents who admire her and have special affection for her.

Thus a new controversy and friction arises between the 23-year-old and the Colombian, as a recent image that went viral shows the singer with her former mother-in-law in a very friendly manner, as well as, They assure that this has fueled the student’s hatred of Shakira even more.

And that amidst so much speculation that the football player’s parents may have accepted this young girl, it seems that this is not entirely true, because until now she have not been seen sharing with them As is the mother of Milan and Sasha.

Note that it was known through the network that The Montserrat Bernabeu (the Spaniard’s mother) feels deep affection for Shakira, So much so that in the midst of the chaos they are experiencing, they have been able to see each other live very happy moments where they talk about the little ones and the impending battle they face for custody.

Clara Chia hates Shakira more and more

It is also rumored that till date Clara Chia is very upset with Gerard Piquebecause he hasn’t informed her of Shakira’s moves, which She has complete freedom to meet her ex-in-laws With whom he maintains a cordial relationship and which was captured through a picture which did not hesitate to go viral, as it shows which side the athlete’s parents are on and explains that despite the comments Why hasn’t he been seen in favor of the new girlfriend who has been criticized so much by everyone.

In fact, ever since the 23-year-old learns of this approach, she has been angered by her new love, whom she has become possessed of, as she has since tried not to appear in public so that she should not be exposed to it. Don’t pay attention to the matter. They’re going through aProblemBecause of the preferences or affection felt by Pique’s parents for Colombian. This further increases this girl’s hatred of the artist who has all the advantages, because she is the mother of their children.

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