Shakira wants to appear in an adult magazine? This is how Piqué’s former teammate responded

After their controversial split after nine years of relationship Gerard Pique, Famous shakira This has once again focused the headlines of the entertainment world on a global scale, however, the reason it attracted attention on this occasion had nothing to do with the athlete’s issues relating to their break, nor It was related. new music material he launched ozunaNor with the fact that she was invited to sing at the World Cup in Qatar.

Now, the singer of Reason Why “by bike”, “Those Intuitions” and “Pies Descalzos” attracted attention because he made a revelation about a very personal situation in his life and it has to do with the idea of ​​whether or not he would agree to a nude photo session. , that is, content dedicated to adults.

The famous touches on this subject through an interview that she presented a few years ago at the beginning of her career, because in the clip you can also see a young woman shakira still with black hair and with an even smaller voice; While there is no clear indication of the environment in which the conversation took place, the fact is that the video has already gone viral. TIC Toc,

“I know there are many people who use nudity as a hook to gain fame, and that sounds serious to me. I can’t take my clothes off because it doesn’t go with me, because I’m able No, because I’m humble, so “How am I going to do it in front of 30 million people?”, he insisted on the occasion.

In this sense, it is known that the condition of shakira From that moment on, she has remained faithful to the artist she has become today, as the decades have passed and the Barranquilla native has shed her clothes to increase her fame and solidify herself as a global star. Has not agreed to be.

Currently, Shakira has 45 years Old and despite the fact that more than one would buy a magazine to see it intimately, the truth is that the model has also shown throughout her career that she is an artist with an incomparable talent.

Shortly before life’s fifth floor, the famous lady is still considered one of the most beautiful and coveted artists in the music profession, she also works as a model for various brands and has recently been a luxury The firm works with British Burberry, with which it created one of its most recent help photographic.


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