Shakira’s children show contempt for Pique before leaving for Miami

amidst all the paperwork shakira why estrangement are in their separation process, and where it was determined that the Colombian artist would be able to live with the two young children miami, Now a new big problem has arisen for the former Spanish footballer. His children are indifferent in his presence.

Gerard Piqué He wants to spend as much time as possible with his kids before they finally move miami Thief shakira, But he hasn’t been on the best of terms with his father and the evidence is extremely incriminating.

former player of barcelona fc Just a few days ago, he was seen with his kids during a boys’ outing, which was expected to go smoothly. However, the attitude of sasha why Milan Along with his father, he has given the media a lot to talk about.

Piqué and his two sons attended a football match Andorra, but in pictures filtered by reporters From those who were there, it could be seen that the little children were not very happy and in fact, they were quite disinterested.

Both Sasha and Piqué looked hopelessly angry, serious, indifferent and without any kind of encouragement, currently showing the same contempt for their father that they had for their famous mother.

really, sasha, Piqué and Shakira’s youngest son also covered his ears at the game, evidencing his disapproval of being in that place, and showing that he was totally unhappy and uncomfortable with his father.

This attitude of the little ones can also be seen in the farewell party of the footballer of the country. barcelona, Where both were present to support him, but to everyone’s surprise they were very indifferent. Perhaps this is evidence that the relationship between him and his father is not the best, and he undoubtedly prefers Shakira.

When Sasha and Milan are with Shakira, this difference becomes infamous, as they are always happy, smiling and at ease, but together estrangement, They look grim, awkward, apathetic and awkward.

and you, why do you think sasha why Milan have this indifferent attitude with them estrangement,

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