shawn mendes dating a 50 year old woman

Famous and popular Canadian singer-songwriters shawn mendes, He is in the midst of controversy, as it has just been revealed that he is dating a woman over 50 years his age, despite the fact that he is only 24 years old.

shawn mendes dating joslyn is watching A 50-year-old executive who has been seen with the singer in several photographs.

The news quickly attracted public attention on social networks, who questioned the large age difference between the two, considering their relationship “inappropriate”.

Let’s remember that less than a year ago the interpreter ‘stitches’ Was in a relationship with Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello. The relationship between the two singers was very popular in the entertainment scene, with some claiming that they were only dating to promote their huge collaborative hit. ‘miss’.

Photos of Sean with his new partner are already going around the world, who undoubtedly receives this news with great surprise.

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