She didn’t keep it to herself and now Mijares will jeopardize Lucero and her lover’s relationship


Everyone knows that Lucero and Manuel Mijares have the best ex relationship in the world. They even work together, tour together, have kids together, I mean, they’re almost divorced lovers! But there are some boundaries that must be kept in the interest of each other’s new partners, in particular, if the relationship becomes a bit complicated, such as Lucero and Michele Kuri.

A few days ago, Lucero’s ex-husband and he had been with her for 14 years, revealed an intimate detail that could ruin the development of the actress and singer’s courtship, including their wedding plans, if they If you want to implement it, then it becomes a subject. Delicate if we think about the type of family that Michelle Kuri has as a close relative who was until recently the richest man in the world.

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Lucero will be the heir to freedom LAMARQUE

He Shined With Lucero And Kate Del Castillo, And Now He’s Worried About Their Disappearance

In March 2011, Lucero and Mijares began the divorce process, known as an agreed marriage, and with the result and a quiet end, neither side would show pain or resentment for years to come. After that, Slim family businessman Michelle Kuri showed interest in him and thus they started a relationship which is currently 10 years old.

However, she mentions that there are no wedding plans and she is doing very well, which leaves her a bit confused by having a stable and long relationship with a prosperous businessman. For his part, Mijares has been seen with couples, most notably the last one, Pita de la Vega, with whom marriage is already planned.

importance of conscience

It’s not in itself what your Mijares said, it’s really, when are these things going to be released? And when everyone else is trying to write a different story with other people? That this old couple snatches away is no conflict and that it’s nothing more than a funny anecdote for both of them, however, what will stop these two from continuing to reveal these kinds of intimate details from the start?

Lucero has yet to respond or comment on this comment.

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