She is the sensual actress who played “Rosario Tijeras” and who “took husband” from Carmen Villalobos.

In previous installments we have talked about various actresses of Colombian origin who have impressed and loved the rest of the world not only with their beauty but also with their talent, and in this series of notes we cannot leave out that who gave life “Rosary Scissors” In its original version, we talk Maria Fernanda Yepes.

this beautiful actress 41 years old She has given us great performances and although she is in reality remembered for her lead role as “Rosario Tijeras”. maria fernanda yepes gained popularity for “taking” her husband Carmen Villalobos.

Did Maria Fernanda Yepes Take Villalobos’ Husband?

As you read this, the popularity of maria fernanda yepes soared through the sky for his role as “Yesica Beltrán, ‘La Diabla'” in the hit series “Without breasts, there is no heaven” Where she played the role of an evil woman who selfishly cheats her best friend.

And this is it, in that telenovela that aired between the years 2008 and 2009, “La Diabla” (Maria Fernanda Yepes) was the best friend ofCatalina Santana “(Carmen Villalobos) and both women prostituting themselves with the most powerful drug traffickers Colombiauntil “Marshal Barrera” (César Mora) will marry “Catalina”.

Even then, “Catalina” and “Marshall” meet “La Diabla” So when she sees that her best friend has become the wife of the most important capo in the country ColombiaJealousy invaded him and he “started inventing things about the reputation of”.Catalina“, So he was “marshal” decided to leave his wife and marry “devil”.

betrayal of “devil” broke the heart ofCatalina“Because she considered him her best friend and seeing him with her husband made her try to take her own life.

Who is Maria Fernanda Yepes?

Birth Medellin, Colombia on December 23, 1980, mary fernanda tooHas gained international fame for his performances in soap operas such as: “There is no heaven without breasts”, “Rosario Tijeras”, “La teniente”, “La piloto”, “Jose josé prince of song”among many others.

In the personal aspect, her life also caused much controversy because of her courtship with actor matias nova And although they were a solid couple, all of a sudden they announced their separation.

in present, Maria Fernanda Yepes is married to a man of Argentine origin whom he met during the journey MexicoTheir marriage was somewhat shocking, but the actress claims that she is very happy and in love.

Although the actress starring in the series “Maria Magdalena” considered one of the faces The most beautiful in Latin America, Maria Fernanda Yepes assures that she increasingly accepts and loves the wrinkles on her skin more and more He is representative of his age.

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