She is Veronica, the daughter of “Professor the Giraffes”, dedicated to staying

“El Chavo Del 8” One of the favorite television series in Mexico that managed to conquer the whole world, especially Latin America, where the public fondly remembers its characters as “Professor Giraffes” that beyond imagination he felt boundless love for a woman with whom he had an affair seven sons who stay away in between shows, like Veronica Aguirre,

Actor Rubén Aguirre brought to life one of the most iconic characters in the series created by Roberto Gomez Bolaos Known as “Chespirito”. one in “Professor Giraffes” lived forever in love with Mrs. Florinda played by actress Florinda Mezza, but in real life she was Married to Consuelo de los Reyes With whom he had seven children, of whom only two are less known in the media, Veronica and Arturo.

Ruben Aguirre with his daughter Veronica. Photo: IG@

Veronica is 52 years old And although he is not devoted to the world of entertainment, he gives some Interview To various media in which he talks about the work and career of his father Rubén Aguirre. lives in Vallarta Port where is your company real estate Called “Vallarta JR Suit”, while on social networks he sometimes shares memories or memories of the actor.

One of his latest messages on Twitter is where he dedicates gentle words to his father and snaps a picture together, which shows the striking resemblance to him: “June is the month that brings me closer to you, Every year I warmly receive and dismiss this month, but every moment of my life is filled with your memory. I love you and miss you”,

Veronica Aguirre shared an emotional message dedicated to her father. Photo: TW @aguirreveronic

More Ruben Aguirre

a black hat, a rose bouquet “After you” and “Ta, ta, ta… ta!” In addition to phrases like, an elegant suit was the hallmark of a character that marked Rubén Aguirre’s career on television. that generations continue to repeat as a sign of affection and that “Professor Giraffes” The generations continue to conquer despite their absence.

From saltilloCoahuila was obtained as Aguirre agricultural engineer And for some time he devoted himself to it. “I worked on a farm where we grew cotton, but I didn’t like it very much. I was talking about acting. I loved acting ever since I was very young. I was a kid when I used to go into the street and imitate the street vendors passing by my house,” he said in an interview carried by MDZ.

Rubén Aguirre is remembered for his character of “Professor Giraffes”. Photo: IG @rubenaguirrefc

Her passion for acting and the limelight directly brought her into existence executive Televisa, where he was in charge of acquiring new talent and that was how he was known Roberto Gomez Bolaos For which he fought so that he could be accepted as a comedian. Years later, he asked her to join the cast of his shows and she accepted.

In an interview with host Susanna Jimenez, he recalled that the directors of the television station prevented him from working as an actor and to continue his dream, resigned from his executive position, His wife was one of those who opposed the decision, until she saw it as a huge success and did not hesitate to support it.

Rubén Aguirre died at the age of 82. Photo: IG @rubenaguirrefc

In addition to his role as “Professor Girafels”, he performed others with which he was able to demonstrate his talent, including Rufino Rufian, Lucas Taneda, Chaperone Bonaparte and the Sergeant Refugio Pazguato From the series “El Chompiras”.

After several years of great success, his career began to fade and then he decided to direct his own circus, a spell he also saw vanishing, and in 2013 he announced his retirement from the show after a career spanning 46 years. Died on 17th June 2016 At his home in Puerto Vallarta. for painting pneumoniae Which got complicated just two days after his 82nd birthday.

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