She was an actress of the Cine d’Oro who married Chabello and died a tragic death.

53 years ago Javier Lopez “Chabello” and cuban dancer Teresa Miranda They united their lives to create a family from which three children were born. Over the years, the personal lives of “friends of all children” were kept off camera.

With Teresa, Javier had a very solid family and gave birth to Oscar López Miranda, Xavier López Miranda, who is a music producer and composer, and Juan Gabriel López Miranda, who is dedicated to the arts and loves fashion. Gave.

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actress married to chabello

However, before marrying Teresa, Xavier fell in love and married Golden Cinema Diva Mexican, but their marriage was unsuccessful, it lasted only two years, and for some reason, the couple had no descendants, because in 1969, the same year Javier married Teresa, they also divorced.

Chabelo’s first marriage was to a Cuban dancer and actress. Angelita Castani who shone in the Ciné de Oro and who went on to star in films such as “Cantinflas” and “Mauricio Garce”.for my guns“why”‘marriage is like hell,

Diva started her career in 1960 in Mexico show “almanac tea“merchant’s” pepe leone And shortly after his talent opened doors for him to participate in “like” films in Mexican cinema.bloody valley“why”Risen’s Vengeance,

Regarding the reasons for the divorce with Angelita, the actress told in an interview to a national newspaper that they separated because they were both too young and maybe they didn’t love each other enough. It was then that the actress continued her career.

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Who is Angelita Castani?

Already in the seventies, Angelita took part in productions such as “wait for me in siberia,my life“why”event footballerIn addition to recording participation in such television series as “Crazy, Crazy Saturday”. In later years he worked in some telenovelas like “slander,strange ways of love“why”valentina,

On a personal level, Angelita remarried Caesar PortaluppiAn Italian businessman who died in 2011. The actress had a very sad ending, as she died on September 29, 2020, after several days of hospitalization, due to a COVID-19 infection.

According to the National Association of Actors (ANDA) report, a Cuban woman left this world at the age of 86 due to complications arising out of Kovid-19.

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