She was one of Televisa’s beauties, she almost lost her mobility and now she regrets a photo

Laura Flores

Laura Flores is one of those actresses whose beauty has made her the star of dozens of soap operas; In the 90s, her sweet face was ideal for impersonating the lead, naive and innocent actress of the productions.

But her great beauty made her sought after by the men’s magazine, Playboy, in which she posed sensually and topless; And although she didn’t go out of her way to cover herself with her hands, it is the photo she regrets most in her life, as she assures that she was stigmatized for it and even her children Had to suffer for that image.

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30 years have passed since those photos, and the 59-year-old actress has suffered severe injuries, a few months ago she was nearly unable to walk, as her knee was replaced with titanium, a surgery that involved painful and dangerous surgery. …

Laura Flores suffers for the health of her husband

As the actress explained, her husband suffers from a common variable immunodeficiency disease, due to which his white blood cells are not made enough, so his health is quite fragile.

cover in which Laura Flores participated

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