Shopping is now ‘physical’: why we’ll never give up on the physical experience

we are in a time when The purchase is already an individual decision of each individualthat is, the area of retail It should be optimized for an experience that is more like a ‘choose your own adventure’ rather than forcing the client to go through certain processes that no one—or almost no one—wants to experience. This upcoming trend is ‘Physical’.

“We’re ‘spoiled’, so we’ve gotten to the point where Users can decide between multiple ways to live our shopping experience And it will be the stores that should be how we want to buy, and not vice versa, says lvaro Martínez-Atayo, chief physical officer (CPO) of Jogo Tech.

How did we get to this point? Until not long ago, the commerce sector was fully nurtured by conforming traditional shops.s: They were establishments you knew nothing about until you went there to buy and met expert salespeople in your field who knew everything about the product, but who didn’t know anything about it.

When the process of digitization of the sector started retailThe first thing that became clear was that the stores should have something simple like A web page for customers to know something about the business before they leave: where it is, what products it sells, what price range it establishes… This type of information allows users to make the first decision, to choose whether it is nearby If that’s what they’re looking for, if it’s within your budget…

The next step in this digital transformation was the introduction of a digital platform – Yes, we are talking heroine And all those who followed the company strategy of Jeff Bezos. This change, especially to more traditional installations, was seen as a total enemy.Since then e-commerce This means a new type of competition that is, at least at first glance, cheaper because it doesn’t require a physical location or personal, which allows them to further adjust their sales margins.

with these electronic store The client is presented with a new option: Choose whether to buy at a physical facility or at home, from your couch and in your pajamas, The comfort factor comes into play in a way that has never been possible before and traditional ‘retailers’ start raising their hands thinking this is the end of their field as they understood it.

Low code / no code platforms means to design applications with 'little code or no code'.

Thus, the response of the brands was to create their own store. onlinethat is, virtually repeat business with store And all the information of each product. ,The problem with this is that the digital store did not ‘talk’ to the physical store, even creating a situation of competition between them.Since what was sold in the digital part was seen as something that took advantage of in the physical part”, Martinez-Atayo underlined, “they had set the enemy at home”.

According to the expert, this individualistic dynamic was “inevitably going to end in disaster.” “It was like watching a super innovative steam locomotive and a bullet train collide”, Comment. This collision gives birth to the ‘Physital’.

‘Physical’ is a place where physical and digital convergein which people You can have a 100% physical shopping experience “As have been done throughout our lives: with cash in our pockets, in a street store where clothes are displayed, buying a product that is tried on in a fitting room and taking it home in a bag”.

But it can also be a 100% digital process: Customer being at home a . watches from Application Or the web the item you want, find the store in which it is available, book it and visit the store, book a changing room and try it, pay for it in the application from your mobile and pick it up without any interaction Not to either. Or you can even send it to your home.

There are hundreds of pages and platforms on the net that offer online sales with discounts.

And from these two completely opposite poles, thousands of intermediate positions can be drawn that merge the two worlds., The advantage is that you control how much you want to interact with the store, for example, you can put very detailed information in your store profile. Application And so that the dependents can know more about you, so that they can recommend articles to your liking and liking.

With regard to the latter, as Martinez-Atayo points out, An important figure reappears: that of the dependent, There was a time when we used to tell ourselves so much before making a purchase that we had more knowledge than the shopkeeper himself, thereby doubting the true value of the shopkeeper. With ‘Physital’, the store staff knows you and knows exactly what you’ve been looking for and what you want, and can thus be trained in advance to advise you on your purchase.

“Finally it is understood that Customer is a single individual, buy physically or digitallySo that your experience is also unique, no matter where you are and behave as you would”, underlines the expert.

You can now manage your entire shopping experience from your devices.

Martinez-Atayo believes that The consumer has become too lazy and “too spoiled”, “It’s someone who’s at home, there’s a multi-screen solution, watching Netflix While he uses his mobile to chat and order a Glovo and he also has his work laptop…”, the ‘Physital’ ambassador exaggerates a bit—or not.

Finally the idea he wants to convey to us is that We are highly connected and have millions of stimuli, so getting us to do something, respond to an ad or a purchase claim, is complicated., We want everything without effort and we want it now. “Whatever the consumer perceives as an abrasive is going to create a sense of wasting time and he is going to reject it completely as a negative”, he concluded.

It is at this point that the physical leg of the ‘Physital’ comes into play. Because what we’ve got is with A user who “needs a reason to leave home” Because “there are so many things that still can’t be broken down: If I’m going to buy some scented candles, I need to know how they smell; if I’m going to buy a speaker, I need to know this.” Gotta know how it feels.”

Amazon makes a history with all your online purchases.

Even though advances are now being made in technologies such as the digital twin, which They allow you to be able to recreate a garment and use augmented reality and/or virtual realityThat experience won’t be entirely the same, because as much as you see how it looks on you – and it can be so detailed that you can even check that when you walk around and play with lights and shadows. So what does it look like- never know what it is like a cloth, as it feels when touched.

And, then, what does this proposition of experience gain? “Remove Friction and Discomfort”Highlighting all the benefits of buying, says Martinez-Atayo online -No waiting, no queue, no unwanted conversation, no effort…-.

Amazon Style is a hybrid store concept that allows us to manage our clothing purchases through a single app.

With all this, The store itself is also a liability to its customers and now they have to change the way in which the sales process has traditionally been done till now, Commerce has to be everywhere, physically and digitally, it must allow freedom of purchase, it must ‘hyper-personalize’ the experience of services and products adapted to the tastes of the consumer – and for that it must interact with that person. You have to meet whoever goes to your establishment.

The experts at ‘Physital’ explain it simply: “If I’m a shopkeeper who always wears black, when I go to a store I don’t want them to try to sell me yellow stuff.‘Cause I don’t want to waste my time, I want to go ‘Gone Shot’. That way, I’ll gradually discard some data that I don’t mind giving up, as long as the experience I’m about to get compensates me (I get a better experience because I can share my data). I am)”.

This, our willingness to release personal informationAccording to Martinez-Atayo, This Will Be What Really Changes Our Experience, Because you will visit the store, you will see a screen and you will be able to enter your profile so that suggestions will appear according to your taste. And you will not have to walk through all the donkeys carrying clothes or search for mountains of articles. If you don’t want

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