Side Panel Kit: A screen that mounts on a computer tower so you don’t miss anything

ASRock has announced the design of a display Can be mounted on the side of a computer tower,

The size of this device named ‘Side Panel Kit’ is thirteen inches16:9-inch aspect ratio, 800:1 contrast ratio, 293.76° horizontally and 165.24° vertically viewing angles, anti-glare LEDs, 300 candelas per square meter brightness, and is even capable of display 16.7 million colors,

your resolve 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) and its refresh rate 60 Hz The second provides electronic products to be monitors. Inside the packaging, users will have at their disposal an EDP cable, two short supports, two extra-long supports, double tape strips, and five cable clips that will facilitate fastening to a computer tower.

Tomshardware indicates that they have motherboards with EDP connectors:

  • Z790 Livemixer.
  • Z790 Pro RS/D4.
  • Z790M-ITX WiFi.
  • Z790 Steel Legend WiFi.
  • Z790 PG Lightning.
  • Z790 Pro R.
  • Z790 PG Lightning/D4.
  • H610M-ITX/eDP.
  • B650E PG-ITX WiFi.

Although it is a good option Limits the view of open applications with naked eyesBecause the user has to turn his head to the sides.

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