Signal is the latest platform to add stories (too) to your app

Signal announced the addition in a statement. storiesIt also indicates that “we offer A way to create stories privately, And without navigating through a sea of ​​ads.”

Interested can share pictures, videos and text in their stories because Already doing Available in latest versions of Signal (v6.0) On both iOS and Android.

Like Snapchat or Instagram, this novelty Automatically expires after 24 hoursBut they can be removed before they disappear.

there are stories end-to-end encrypted, therefore, only those who are selected through ‘Settings’ → ‘Stories’ will be able to see. There is also the ability for some users to manually hide them by sharing them with a smaller subset.

stories de signal

The ceremony is not official, but it is known that it is being worked on.

On the other hand, Signal suggests that you can Share a story with the added contact list on the phone Who uses the app, anyone you have a 1:1 conversation with, and anyone whose message request has been accepted.

However, the other function is the read receipts of your chats.You can turn this display on or off From the ‘Settings’ menu.

Application Provides the ability to send stories to existing group chats. This means that any member can see the shared stories as well as the comments and reactions of other individuals.

Meet and Zoom's two-way interoperability won't be the first that Google has done with its video calling system.

then you can disable them

To opt out of stories, users must Open ‘Settings’ → ‘Stories’ → ‘Turn off Stories’, This option is not transmitted to anyone, ie your friends who share stories They won’t know that you chose not to see updates.

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