“SIM not supported”: bug in iPhone 14 that causes you to lose cellular connection

The launch of the new generation of Apple phones happened just over a month ago and since then, a few bugs have been reported. The last one detected includes a message that appears on some iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max which makes sure that The SIM is not compatible with the device.

MacRumors details that Apple brand smartphones experiencing this error see a notification that says ‘SIM is not compatible’ and soon after, The device freezes completely, However in some cases only the connection is lost. According to Apple, the problem is being “investigated” and is sure it isn’t a hardware issue.

The company gives advice to users of the new iPhone To update the software as new versions of iOS come outBecause through them the fault will be resolved.

While they find the cause of the error, the tech firm recommends the affected customers wait a few minutes To check if the message has disappeared and the mobile works again.

Failing that, Apple states that users should go To an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider And don’t try to restore iPhone from home.

The function that automatically calls an emergency if it detects accidents is activated on the roller coaster.

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