Sit down before you see how Negro Arija’s daughters flaunt their beauty

One of the most beloved conductors of Mexican TV Raul ArizaAlthough few people know that it has two daughtersWhose beauty And the personality has given a lot to talk about on social networks and of which the actor is also very proud.

driver ofon-air memberThe man who started his media career at the age of eight claims good relations with his offspring on social networks, whom he openly supports in all their decisions, as in the case of his daughter Camilla, who recently declared herself pansexual,

Camila Ariza

Camila is the eldest daughter of Arija, this young woman is dedicated to modeling and photography. Last June, he openly declared himself to be part of LGBT+ community and introduced his girlfriend, the model camila solorzano aroesti,

Through her Instagram account, Camila published a message in which she appears next to her partner and where she explains that it is difficult for her to pigeonhole, specify and justify herself, because it is more than one nameMore than age, gender, body.

Raul supports Camilla

,I owe everything to me because it is self-love and that is my greatest mission”, Camila Ariza wrote on her Instagram account, where she shared the message with more than 100,000 subscribers, on the day pride march in mexico,

Camilla has stood outside to resign stereotypes of beauty, because a few months ago she decided to stay baldbecause she’s been diagnosed since she was three alopecia areataA condition that caused her to lose her hair from a very young age.

Photo: Exclusive

Roberta Ariza

“Negro” Ariza, on the other hand, stands out for being also the youngest daughter of Roberta. influencer on social networks, although since a few months, with a more discreet profile instagram account It got personal.

This young woman has a passion for fashion, art, and pets, and has posed for a few magazine covers with her dad. Roberta’s beauty is reflected in some of her pictures, where she shows off her more sensuous,

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She is Roberta, daughter of Raul “El Negro” Ariza who succeeds as a professional chef.

Raul “El Negro” Ariza turns 57 and celebrates at Hoy event

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