So You Can Check If Your Airbnb Listing Has Hidden Surveillance Cameras

Many Spaniards take advantage of the Constitution Bridge to make their last visit of the year before family Christmas dinner. Flight and accommodation reservations on the internet are on the rise at the moment and internet scams are not the only concern that exists (which is also the case). According to cyber security company ESET, some Airbnb hosts They install spy cameras in their properties to keep an eye on their tenantsCompromising your privacy.

In an article from Security Company, they say that surveillance equipment prices fall These have become increasingly common. In addition, equipment they’ve managed to downsize Unless they are almost imperceptible to the human eye.

ESET recounts several recent cases where Airbnb customers discovered that their owners spied on them without their consent.

  • In 2017, internet activist Jason Scott tweeted a pictureA surveillance camera connected to the internet hidden inside a motion detector Burglar alarm. The camera was discovered by a colleague of the activist in an undisclosed stay offered by the Airbnb platform.
  • A traveler from Glasgow and his girlfriend met in 2018 A hidden camera inside a digital alarm clock Which points to the property’s bed in an open-plan room. The guests alerted Toronto police about the crime, as the host also had six other properties for rent.
  • In 2019, a New Zealand IT security professional scanned the WiFi network of an AirBnB he was staying at in Cork, Ireland, after realizing that there A hidden camera broadcasts live. The host was initially exonerated by the website until the news went viral.
  • In 2022, an Airbnb customer discovered A hidden camera located in the property’s bathroom After hearing a picture of him getting out of the shower with his girlfriend. Apparently, the device was set to take pictures and transmit them to the host’s device when it detected movement in the room.

Are surveillance cameras allowed?

Despite the fact that some accommodations contracted as vacation stays on Airbnb have demonstrated the existence of surveillance devices, the company’s policy in this regard is very clear. It allows security cameras and noise detection devices “as long as they are clearly indicated in the ad description and do not infringe on people’s privacy”.

For its part, the placement of hidden and unpublished equipment is prohibited and, if notified, They should be set up “visible”. Nor is the presence of such devices permitted in private spaces, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and relaxation areas (sofa beds).

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so you can be sure there are no surveillance cameras

  • Scan the room. Find hidden cameras in plain sight (in clocks, smoke detectors, speakers or light bulbs).
  • Use torch. Camera lenses are made of glass, which means they are reflective. By turning off the lights and pointing the flashlight, it becomes easy to detect the presence of these devices.
  • Check out the night vision light. This can be done by turning off the lights and looking for possible red or green LED indicators.
  • Use an app. There are applications capable of detecting spy cameras.

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