So You Don’t Miss a Party: This App Lets You Create Your Festival List From Spotify

Have you seen custom music festival banners on Instagram lately? Instafest is a new free app that will create your own festival poster By music taste as seen in Spotify,

application it is very easy to use All you need to do to create a poster is log in with your Spotify accountAlso, it can be customized on the basis of time interval (last four weeks, last six months and all time).

You can also select different layout styles, change the name of the festival, hide or show your username, and include a ‘Basic Score’ to rank the music you like.

InstaFest developer Anshay Sabu told TechCrunch that he got the idea for the app while “thinking about what the Coachella lineup would look like if I chose the artists.” On the other hand, the same media outlet adds that Sabu is working add support for more platforms,

This means Instafest is working on Apple Music compatibility, and its developers are looking to add support for music streaming services like YouTube Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music in the future.

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