Solar Panel: Formula to save up to 60% in electricity bill

Installation of solar panels saves on electricity bills, thanks to the power consumption model uses fossil fuelsAnd in case you didn’t know, users can save between 40 and 60% of annual receipts.

Other benefits include the maximum power delivered, a decrease in IBI A photovoltaic installation for electrical energy and its low maintenance as its useful life is between 25 to 30 years.

This becomes the saving formula clean and renewable energy sourcesReduces CO₂ emissions, lowers prices, guarantees energy independence of the system, reduces dependence on large power companies and slows climate change.

According to OCU, “These facilities represent Investment between 4,000 and 7,000 eurosDepending on the number of panels, whether or not they have batteries to store energy, the difficulty of installation…, so it’s It is important to know the estimate of savings before deciding whether to go ahead with the project”.

Amortization terms range from seven to 15 years as they depend on the amount of energy produced by the facility and how much electricity is left.

“An additional advantage of self-consumption is that the electricity you do not use is sent to the general network and your meter registers it. Then, The company deducts from your bill the energy you put into the network at an agreed priceadds the OCU.

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