Somebody paid a fortune for a first generation iPhone, new and sealed in its original box

Ideal A1203 The first generation iPhone was released in 2007 exclusively for the US market. The device was unveiled at the Macworld event in San Francisco and its launch price was $499. Fifteen years later, auction house LCG Auctions has announced its sale for $39,339 (equivalent to). Around 40,316 Euro at the current exchange rate,

Apple brand phones received ratings in 2007 ‘Invention of the Year’, According to Time magazine. Following its success on its launch date, the A1203 continues to spark passion and is still one of the sealed devices having sold for nearly $10,000 more than its initial estimated auction price.

LCG Auctions started the auction by evaluating the equipment that it was still in its original box For about 30,000 euros. However, the current owner decided it was worth paying too much for it.

A few months ago, RR Auctions, another auction house, sold an A1203 in the same condition for $35,414, which At the exchange rate at that time they were 35,382 euros.

How is Apple’s first smartphone?

The Apple brand is one of the most important that exists today and therefore, its beginnings as a mobile manufacturer is something that some collectors consider it appropriate to invest in. At that time the A1203 was characterized by: a touch screenWith only one button in the lower middle area of ​​the front.

Carcass wood comes from a typical Hawaiian tree.

was mobile a single 2 megapixel camera That, although it would be low at present, was quite remarkable in its time. The back cover was made of anodized aluminum and auctioned models should include a serial number that matches the one on the box and confirms its authenticity.

Apple released three versions with different storage capacities: 4, 8 y 16 gigabytes. The buyer of the auction model doesn’t know which one it is.

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