Something that many iPhone users have been waiting for has arrived: You’ll be able to access iCloud and Photos directly from Windows

iCloud users will be able to view their mobile images and videos from Microsoft Photos service with Windows 11 operating system. The technology firm has also announced that Apple Music and Apple TV will be accessible from its platform and device very soon. who use their software.

These innovations were presented during the autumn event in which the new Surface devices were also discussed. As Microsoft explained, it was intended to “remove barriers and make it easy to connect,

This news means that, before the end of the year, users will be able to listen to music with Apple Music or watch series or movies on Apple TV+ from a Windows computer. In addition, music service streaming The Apple brand debuted this Wednesday to roll out on Xbox, something that was already happening with online multimedia content tools.

For its part, in order to associate iCloud with Photos, users must first download iCloud from the Microsoft Store. Once the application is installed, they have to select the option ‘Sync photos from iCloud’.

The new Windows 11 update will be affected by WiFi access points.

Although this feature has already been announced, only those who are part of it windows insider They can use it. The rest will have to wait till November, when the tool will be rolled out globally.

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