Soon a famous TV presenter may face the same fate as Pablo Lyal

Renowned presenter Inés Gómez Montt and her husband Victor Manuel Álvarez Puga have been fugitives from justice for several months, accused of organized crime and money laundering crimes.

And they have not been found despite the efforts of justice, although it is known that since 2019 both have been hiding in a million-dollar mansion that has allowed them to escape the justice that allegedly so sought their possession Is.

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Journalist Zedrick Raziel revealed that both Gomez Montt and her husband will live in Florida, where they support themselves thanks to a fortune in real estate. With this notice, the presenter and her husband are closer to the law than they can imagine.

What will happen to Pablo Lyle?

If they are found and arrested, they will face a trial like Pablo Leal, and they will face their punishment, just as Pablo Leal awaits his sentence.

ines gomez mont and her husband

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