Sophia Bush’s Incredible Body Transformation After Leaving Chicago PD’s Erin Lindsay

Chicago PD, featured Sophia Bush as one of the main cast members of the NBC police drama for 4 seasons, playing the character Erin Lindsay, beloved by fans. Five years have passed since she left the series and today the actress is seen in a different style.

Chicago PD, Broadcast Network’s hit police drama NaibC, which has been airing since 2014, recently entered its 10th season with new storylines for each member of the Chicago Police Department’s undercover unit as they navigate between work, family and personal relationships and sentiment.

In the Chicago PD, the intelligence unit is led by Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), a tough cop with a dark past known for his tenacity when it comes to catching bad guys, sometimes applying law-breaking procedures. However, he is regarded as the soul of the program by most viewers and has shown his nobility in all these years by being a mentor and sometimes a father figure to some of his subordinates.

Over the years, several characters have passed through Chicago PD in order to be a part of the show’s storylines. Some of them left the past due to different reasons, but all of them have left an indelible mark in the hearts of the audience and will definitely remain etched in their memories with the passage of time.

One of these characters is Detective Erin Lindsey, played by Sophia Bush. Chicago PD fans met her as a member of the intelligence unit in the first season of the NBC series. With serious problems and a traumatic past due to her mother’s addictions, Bush’s character was rescued from the streets by Hank Voight, with whom she established a father-daughter bond.

A year before Erin Lindsay was cast, Sophia Bush ended up giving life to Brooke Davis, one of the main characters of the series’ youth series. The CW, One Tree Hill, the show that launched her to fame after 9 seasons with the role. In addition to Chicago PD, his character also appeared in Chicago Fire and Law & Order: SVU, two dramas created by Dick Wolf.

Sophia Bush looks very different from her character Erin Lindsay from Chicago PD

Sophia Bush left Chicago PD in 2017 after 4 seasons as Erin Lindsay. The actress terminated her contract for 7 installments in the police drama for reasons that plagued her on the sets of the series during filming. According to his statements, he could not stand the low temperatures of downtown Chicago when he was filming the program. The actress also acknowledged the reason why it was difficult for her to leave behind the role of a police officer.

Since her departure from Chicago PD, Sophia Bush has made appearances in a few television series such as this is us why jane the virginAnd has acted in some movies like 2018’s Acts of Violence and 2019’s Hard Luck Love Songs. His most recent work was in the canceled one-season medical drama CBS, The Good Sam, The actress recently got married and was seen in a completely different look from her popular character, Erin Lindsay.

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