South Korea warns world not to employ North Korean spies as ICT workers

South Korea issues warning against recruitment North Korean workers in the ICT sector with disguised nationalitiesBecause North Korea uses such users as a source of foreign exchange earnings.

In the report, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Integration, and Science and ICT asked local companies to strengthen personnel verification when recruiting workers at home and abroad, which is an important part The income of such employees is directed towards the development of North Korean missiles.,

On the other hand, the notice indicates identity theft methods By North Korean workers, from editing South Korean IDs with Photoshop to creating accounts on websites and looking for jobs, to paying foreigners to lend their profiles to such platforms.

South Korean officials called for caution, as the hiring and paying of North Korean workers could occur anywhere and assume a violation of national law,

By law, South Korean companies must obtain approval from the Ministry of Unification to employ North Korean employees in the ICT sector, in addition, Violators can face up to three years in prison or a €21,500 fineabout.

The South Korean government is working with the United States Prevent North Korea from illegally profiting (They are intended for the development of nuclear weapons and missiles through unauthorized cyber activities).

There are many technical job offers, but few profiles that fit the request.

Recommendations on not hiring North Koreans

South Korea recommends that “if an account on a freelancing platform fits several of the characteristics listed below, the account may actually belong to North Korean workers”:

  • Log in to accounts from multiple IP addresses in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Log in to multiple accounts on the same platform from one IP address.
  • The user logs into his account throughout the day.
  • The employee gets good recommendations and accumulates thousands of hours of work.
  • The candidate uses the same or similar documents submitted by the existing accounts.

Another recommendation is to make video calls before signing a contract with a freelance programmer.

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