Spain approves the creation of the Spanish Space Agency to mediate between public and private space entities

The Spanish government yesterday approved the creation of the Spanish Space Agency, which will form part of the 2021 National Security Strategy. Publication appearing in the Official State Gazette He gives almost no details about the creature, but he mentions it twice.

Though the date and budget to be invested in the institute are not yet known, the objectives to be achieved are already known. spanish space agencyIt will contribute to streamlining competencies and establishing a national policy that serves as a guide for both the public and private sectors.,

Through this state agency, BOE Publications ensures that the government “Maximize return on investment, promote public and private collaboration spaces, facilitate dual use of space capabilities and Promote the national space industry sector in a clear and consistent manner,

With these above objectives in mind, the Spanish Space Agency will act as an intermediary between national and international public and private entities, such as the European Space Agency (ESA) or NASA. Even then, The organization would go beyond satisfying the commercial and scientific part of space technology, as it would also have a national defense character.

According to the BOE publication, the Spanish Space Agency has “component dedicated to national security, to direct effort in space affairs, Efficiently coordinating various national agencies with responsibilities in the space sector and integrating international cooperation and coordination,

Devices with this generation of connections will be able to navigate faster and more stable.

In the document they define location as a location”global mango” what “has been made A domain of intense commercial exploitation with the proliferation of constellations of satellites and commercial launchers” Proof of this statement are the satellite constellations of Starlink (Elon Musk) or Kuiper (Jeff Bezos).

The text states that the presence of a Spanish space agency is necessary”Spanish public-private cooperation model, This organization will work to solvelack of legal” what “Facilitates unregulated movement in space and makes it difficult to defend strategic assets,

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