Spanish program showcases Paulina Rubio in embarrassing moment

Paulina Rubio is currently one of the judges of “Look Who’s Dancing” (Photo: Cuartoscoro)

The life of the stars of the show is usually surrounded glamourluxury and eccentricity, and their personal lives are often a mystery, so too constantly surrounded by journalists who want to imprison them in their day to day.

and that’s what happened Pauline Rubio, who was caught enjoying a day at the beach with some friends. But what is scandalous is that at a certain moment, the Mexican singer – who recently suffered the loss of her mother – left the group to rock where she had gone. relieve yourself in the middle of the beach,

The images were submitted by the Spanish program Festivalwhere presenter Emma Garcia expressed somewhat embarrassment: “A few minutes ago we announced that a world famous star Stuck in an attitude… how do I keep it? … NaturalWell or rather necessary … that’s Paulina Rubio and these are the pictures we got ”.

Paulina recently lost her mother, actress Susanna Dosamantes (Photo: Instagram/@paulinarubio)
Paulina recently lost her mother, actress Susanna Dosamantes (Photo: Instagram/@paulinarubio)

In postcards that have already gone around the world, you can see the singer of not a single word Dressed in a black dress and a light cap that covers her face and leans between rocks in a fetal position. The presenter expressed that the singer couldn’t go to the bathroom in time, so when she faced a “squeeze” on her day at the beach, she built her own personal toilet out of sand and stones.

Also in the broadcast of the program produced by the series telecinco It was said that Paulina “cleaned herself of stones”. “The pictures that reached us totally change that idea of ​​sexy girl and he filters it in a hurry through Paulina Rubio, overwhelmed, surrounded by a situation he has to solve on the fly”, is heard in the voice. off Presenting note.

“Be careful, what we are going to show you are images that are not suitable for sensitive people, but what does Paulina do that has surprised us so much? What many of us do in a private place, she does it on the beach in full view of everyone, Away from the shore and among the many rocks, Paulina crouched down, bowed and finally defecated, ”she continues.

“Palina doesn’t think about it and that’s why the Mexican singer hasn’t been able to withstand the squeeze and has to go straight to the throne. But, attention, because well, like mostWe see her with a stone in her hand, the stone she uses to clean herself And we hope it is not taken as a memento”, is heard in the recording.

Although the report did not specify where the former Timbirich was captured, it has been speculated that it would be a beach in Spain or the United States, where the Mexican is serving as a judge. Is look who’s dancing for series Univision,

However, after the embarrassing moment spread, a large section of the public started a campaign against Festival because they believed the spread of images Disgrace for “Golden Girl”.

In recent days, Paulina Rubio announced her return to music (Photo: Instagram)
In recent days, Paulina Rubio announced her return to music (Photo: Instagram)

“The paparazzi no longer have any doubts or limits, in fact, disgusting people”, “completely agree, one thing is to be a public figure and take it and the other is already a violation of the image”, ” Was it necessary see Paulina Rubio to make a mess on the beach and clean herself with stones? Beyond the humiliating act, is it necessary to humiliate a person like this? Was it necessary to put it in the foreground?”, something on social networks There are criticisms.

This is not the first time that Paulina has been caught doing business in a public placeBecause in 2013, the singer visited a similar situation, because a journalists Tried to blackmail him with pictures of him urinating in the sea. pictures of the same singer you have something Posted on Twitter to end blackmail.

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