‘Spider-Man 4’: Angelina Jolie was going to be the villain in the film with Tobey Maguire

Can you imagine Angelina Jolie assaulting Tobey Maguire? This could have happened in ‘Spider-Man 4’, a film that was never filmed, however, as new information has emerged that reveals the plans for a new villain.

spider man 4 It has become one of the films that have created the most buzz in recent weeks. Recently, false news circulated on social networks about the alleged return of Tobey Maguire in the fourth arachnid installment of Sam Raimi (Spider-Man). Now it’s the turn of the information that points to Angelina Jolie As the villain of the film which was never filmed.

This information comes from the book with great power by Sean O’Connell, where the author reveals Sony Pictures’ plans for this arachnid installment. report of Prima facie mention that Vulture will be one of the central opponents, even on the lookout John Malkovich for this role.

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Spider-Man 4’s dark twist will see Tom Holland take on the villainous Adrian Tomes, introduced by Michael Keaton in the current MCU, and bring him to his death. This is where the heroine of Eternal and Maleficent 2: The Master of Evil will enter, as she will be in charge of introducing. Valtress is an original character from the film, as she will be Tomes’ daughter.

Angelina Jolie’s name in 2009 according to O’Connell “was attached to this important role for a short time”, It will make the Oscar-winning actress the main villain for Girl, she will also debut a special outfit. On the other hand, it was also mentioned that Jolie would have been the character in one of the many plots taken by Spider-Man 4. “A skilful executive representing a venture capital firm that was trying to buy out the Daily Bugle”,

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for now spider man 4 It is still a project rejected by Sony Pictures, however, Sam Raimi himself revealed in an interview with MoviePilot that after watching Spider-Man: No Way Home, the arachnid universe may take a new turn and Maybe dust off some ideas. “I didn’t think it was possible, but after returning to the multiverse I realized that everything is possible”,

Marvel Studios’ universe of superheroes seems to become more complex with each new stage, which is why the directors of The Devil’s Awakens and Drag Me to Hell, He decided to be cautious and distanced himself from the fourth installment of the friendly Spider-Man.

“I don’t have any plans right now spider man 4, And the new Spider-Man saga is going to be so successful that I don’t know if it’s going to happen. It’s not something I’ve pursued.”Revealed in an interview with Sam Raimi screen rent While promoting his film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

While these issues are addressed by Kevin Feige & Co., we now know that Angelina Jolie was to play Vulture’s daughter, who was to become Vulture’s main villain spider man 4,

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